Video Shows Puppetry Who Helped Bring Clifford, The Red Dog Giant to Life

Video Shows Puppetry Who Helped Bring Clifford, The Red Dog Giant to Life

A behind the scenes video of the film was released Clifford, the Giant Red Dog, where the puppet which helps to give life to the giant dog is shown. Watch it below:

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Actor Comments

in an interview with pop culture, Darby Camp I Jack Whitehall Clifford about the process of filming, and what it was like interacting with giant puppets.

“I really enjoy learning how it works and how they make it and things like that. And so, it was definitely a really different experience, but a lot of fun,” shared Camp While Whitehall counted:

“Clifford’s head on a stick, which he used for the scene where I see Clifford from 10 feet for the first time – it was very easy to be scared because it was a real sight to behold. It was something out of a horror movie.” Looked like, a guy in the props department was holding the head of the beloved Clifford, the giant red dog on a pike. That scream was definitely authentic, I blurted it out.”

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a film by of great quality is starring Darby Camp Like Emily Elizabeth, Jack Whitehall Like your uncle Casey, Tony Hale like tech giant Tiernan and John Cleese Like the mysterious Mr. Bridgwell.

Clifford, the Giant Red Dog Available on digital platforms on December 14 and on Blu-ray and DVD on February 1, 2022. The movie is also available on the streaming service. Paramount+,

based on the beloved book series of Norman Bridwell, Clifford: The Red Dog Giant Follows a young woman who loves her dog so much that it grows ten feet overnight. When a mad scientist tries to capture the playful puppy, Emily Elizabeth and her Uncle Casey, along with all of her neighbors, must work together to hide the Big Red Dog as they flee town.

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recently of great quality announced the sequel Clifford, the Giant Red Dog, However, when the shooting of the film will start and its release date has not been disclosed.

Clifford, the Giant Red Dog, grossed over $52.1 million worldwide with $46.6 million at the US box office and notably . broadcast on Paramount+,

according to variety, Paramount Pictures It did not provide any concrete metrics, but said the film was “one of the most-watched original films of all time” on its streaming platform.

Clifford, the Giant Red Dog It received a 6.0/10 rating on IMDb, while it received 56% critical approval and 94% public approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

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