Video: Two-time Olympic equestrian champion suspended after attacking horse in training

Video: Two-time Olympic equestrian champion suspended after attacking horse in training

two time champion equestrian olympicsMark Todd was suspended by the British Racing Horse Authority after he was shown hitting a horse with a stick during cross-country training in the UK. The 65-year-old medalist who currently trains horse racing was seen attacking her while trying to persuade her to jump into the water.

Mark Todd won the individual gold at the 1988 Los Angeles and Seoul Olympics, and the bronze medal in the team event at the London 2012 Games. Mark Todd, who has the title of Sir for his achievements in equestrianism.

This is absolutely disgusting on the part of Sir Mark Todd. This is not the behavior of someone decorated for services to Equestrian Sport – said British journalist Andrew Gordy.

Another person who spoke about the video was influencing Felipe Neto, Who shared the post and wrote: ‘What a hate’.

In a statement published by the British Racing Horse Authority, it was reported that:
– The chairman of British Racing’s Independent Judicial Panel today approved a request from the BHA that a temporary suspension be imposed on Sir Mark Todd’s training license after a video emerged over the weekend of him beating a horse Showing what appears to be a helper. – said the unit.

This temporary suspension means Todd, who trains in Wiltshire, UK, will not be able to race horses domestically and internationally until an investigation into the circumstances of the incident is closed.

The New Zealander apologized after the incident;

– I sincerely apologize to the horse and everyone involved for my actions in this video. One of the main things I preach is to establish mutual respect between horse and rider, and that patience and kindness is the best way to achieve results. I believe this is one of the main characteristics, along with a great empathy with animals, that have allowed me to have a long and successful career in horse riding. I am very disappointed with myself for not following it in this matter.”

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