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Starting at 9 p.m. (GMT), Brazilian athletes compete in the Tokyo-2020 Paralympics, along with qualifying swimming events. Athletics starts in sequence and is the final draw that can earn a medal. Canoe athletes at speed will seek a place in podium contention, still on Thursday night (2/9). At dawn on Friday (3/9), the women’s goalball will fight for the bronze and the men’s will fight for the desired gold. Based on the results of the day for the Brazilians, the record of 21 golds won in London-2012 could be broken. With 54 medals (19 gold, 13 silver and 22 bronze), the country is at the sixth position in the overall table.

Thursday (2/9)

Athletics – Sport TV
21h30 – F12 Shot Put (Isabella Campos) – Final
21 hours 39 – 200m T11 (Lorena Spolador, Gerusa Santos, Thalita Simplicio) – Semifinal
22h38 – 400m T47 (Lucas Lima, Patricio Ferreira, Thomaz Ruan Moraes) – Qualifying
22h55 – F37 Disc Released (Joo Victor Teixeira de Souza) – Final
23h02 – High Jump T64 (Johsa Santos) – Final

swim – no transmission
21 Hour 04 – 200m Medley SM10 (Ruan Felipe) – Qualifier
21h19 – S6 behind 100 meters (Gabriel Malone, Talison Glock) – Qualifier
21 hours 43 – 100m Butterfly S8 (Gabriel Cristiano) – Qualifying
22h03 – 50m back S4 (Ronistoni Silva) – Qualifying
22h07 – 50m Backstroke S4 (Susanna Schnarndorff) – Qualifying
22h48 – 100m Butterfly S11 (Wendell Bellarmino, Matthias Souza) – Qualifying
23 hours 04 – Men’s 4x100m medley relay up to 34 points – Qualifying

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Archery – no broadcast
21 hours 15 – Recurved Bow – 1/16 Knockout
Heriberto Alves Roca x Kim Min Su

Bocce – no broadcast
21h30 – BC3 pairs: Brazil x Hong Kong
23h15 – BC1/BC2 Team: Brazil x South Korea
23h15 – BC4 pairs: Brazil x Portugal

cycling – no transmission
21h30 – C4-5 Street Race (André Grizante, Lauro Chaman) – Final

at canoe speed – no transmission
21h44 – Va’a 200m VL2 (Deborah Raiza) – Semifinals
21 hours 58 – KL2 200m Kayak (Fernando Rufino) – Semifinal
22h12 – 200m KL3 Kayak (Giovanne de Paula, Cayo Ribeiro) – Semifinals
22h46 – KL1 200m Kayak (Luis Carlos Silva) – Final
23h02 – Va’a 200m VL2 (Deborah Raiza, Qualified) – Final
23h10 – KL2 200m Kayak (Fernando Rufino, Qualified) – Final
23h18 – KL3 200m Kayak (Giovanne de Paula, Cayo Ribeiro, Qualified) – Final

Friday (3/9)

Athletics – Sport TV
0h10 – Mixed 4x100m Relay – Qualifying
7 hours – Long Jump T20 (Jordonia Silva) – Final
7h10 – F57 Shot Put (Marco Aurelio Borges, Thiago Paulino) – Final
7h57 – 200m T12 (Vivian Soares, Ketila Teodoro) – Qualifying
8h12 – 200m T37 (Vitor Antonio de Jesus, Ricardo Mendonca, Christian Gabriel) – Qualifiers
8h27 – 100m T36 (Asar Mateus, Rodrigo Silva) – Qualifying
9h17 – Mixed 4x100m relay (to qualify) – Finals

Swimming – Sport TV
5h – 200m Medley SM10 (Ruan Felipe, Qualified) – Final
5h16 – 100m Costas S6 (Gabriel Malone, Talison Glock, Se Classifier) ​​- Final
5:30 – 100m Butterfly S8 (Gabriel Cristiano, Qualified) – Final
6h24 – 50m Backstroke S4 (Ronistoni Silva, Qualified) – Final
6h31 – 50m Backstroke S4 (Susanna Schnorndorff, Qualified) – Final
6h59 – 100m Butterfly S11 (Wendell Bellarmino, Matthias Souza, Qualified) – Final

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swim – no transmission
8h03 – Men’s 4x100m medley relay up to 34 points (to qualify – final)

Goalball – Sport TV
1h15 – Brazil v Japan (Women) – Bronze Controversy

Goalball – TV Brasil & TV Brasil Play
7h30 – Brazil x China (Men) – Final

Volleyball Sitting – SportTV
6h30 – Brazil x United States (Women) – Semifinals

Parataekwondo – no broadcast
0h15 – K44 up to 58 kg – Quarterfinals
Fernanda Cardoso vs Briana Salinaro (USA)
1h45 – K44 up to 58 kg (Fernanda Cardoso, if needed) – Recap
6 – K44 up to 58 kg (Fernanda Cardoso, qualifies) – Semifinals
7 hours – K44 up to 58kg (Fernanda Cardoso, if needed) – Semifinal recap
8h – K44 up to 58 kg (Fernanda Cardoso, depending on the result) – Controversy for bronze
9h – K44 up to 58 kg (Fernanda Cardoso, qualifies) – Final

Bocce – no broadcast
2h45 – BC3 pairs: Brazil x Australia
4h10 – BC1/BC2 Team: Brazil x Japan
6h05 – BC3 pairs: Brazil x Japan

Parabadminton – no broadcast
3h20 – SH6: Vitor Tavares x Krishna Nagar (India)

Archery – no broadcast
from 5:30 am – Recurved Bow – 1/8 Qualifier (Heriberto Alves Roca, Qualified)
from 7:30 am – Recurve Bow – Quarterfinals (Heriberto Alves Roca, Qualified)
from 8:30 am – Recurved Bow – Semifinal (Heriberto Alves Roca, if you want to classify)
9h06 – Curved bow – Brawl for bronze (based on the results of Heriberto Alves Roca)
9h09 – Recurved Bow – Final (Heriberto Alves Roca, if you classify)

*Interns under the supervision of Marcos Paulo Lima

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