Virgin Media finally catches up with Sky TV with its latest update

Virgin Media finally catches up with Sky TV with its latest update

Virgin Media finally approached Arch-Nemesis Sky TV with a dedicated UT Kids B Kids app in the set-top box. This means that younger viewers can explore tutorials, content from famous creators, clips from TV shows, and music videos in a shelter environment where they are not likely to stumble upon some inappropriate videos hosted on YouTube. Is. Until now, Virgin Media Viewers had to deal with the Unlimited YouTube app.

The broadcaster has included the UT Kids B Kids app in its latest update, which should have been shipped to TV V6 set-top box owners across the country by now. The software will be found in the app menu of your inbox.

When setting up YouTube Kids for the first time parents and guardians will be able to customize the experience to see exactly what kind of content will be available to watch. This is the perfect solution for small viewers with TV6 in their bedroom or playroom where adults do not always check what the screen is.

The Google-developed app’s settings include the ability to toggle content for preschoolers, young and old, as well as the ability to block inappropriate content.

Parents can also choose content to make available to their children – for example, if you have no problem with music videos by some artists, you can make that content available in the UT Kids B Kids app. Although automatically blocked by other comparable artist filters.

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Speaking about the latest update to Virgin Media TV 6 Box, David Bachchier, Virgin Media’s Chief Digital Entertainment Officer, said: It’s great to be involved. With more confidence and control over what their children watch, parents bring more age-appropriate content to our platform for our younger viewers, and mega kids and on-demand offers from our already popular channels. Combines 1000 episodes of the show. “

The launch came as Virgin Media added several new apps to its set-top box, including My5, Pluto TV and Amazon Prime Video – to name a few.

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