Vittoria appoints Tarsio Phaser in City Hall environment

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After more than a month in office, the city of Vittoria defined Lorenzo Pazolini’s elegant secretary of management. Terrisio Jose Fogar is a geographic and effective civil servant of the Secretariat. He has also worked at Espírito Santo (Ibama-ES) as the superintendent of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, a position from which he was joined in 2019 by Environment Minister Ricardo Sales, along with 20 other superintendents from across the country. Also CEO of State Environment Institute (Iema) in the first term of Governor Renato Casagrende (PSB).

Foeger has a geography degree from Uphage, a master’s degree in social policy from the State University of Nort Fluminance, a degree from Washington and Lee University in the US. Currently holds a doctorate in geography and spatial planning from the University of Coomera (Portugal).

Now, the city of Vitoria still has to define the holder of the Secretary of Culture. On Thursday, Mayor Lorenzo Pazolini (Repubelikanos) invited former Collegina Mayor Mayor Serio Menegueli (Republican) to handle the portfolio. The former mayor stated that he would think about the case and reply to Pazolini. In all, there are 15 secretariats, along with the Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Vitoria, besides the Municipal Comptroller and Auditor General.

See below all Victoria secretaries:

Social Support: Sineta Silva Schulz

Citizenship, Human Rights and Functions: Nuja Olivera

Controlling accountant: Denis Pando Pratts

Quarter past: Leonardo Amorim Goncolves

culture: Valeria Morgado (Interim)

City Development: Marcelo de Oliveira

education: Juliana Ronsner Viana Tonati

sport: Sandro de Menezes Parini

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farm: Aridelmo Jose Campanaro Teixeira

Management, Planning and Communication: Regis Matos Teixeira

Government: Roberto Ribeiro Carneiro

atmosphere: Terrisio Jose Foger

Construction and Housing: Gustavo Perrin de Medeiros Teixeira

Attorney: Tarek Moises Mousselm

Cheers: This Campolina Cohen Azure

Security: Ícaro Ruginski Borges Nascimento da Silva

transportation: Alex mariano

Vittoria Development Company: Rita Sampraio

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