Vivo has announced that the expanded RAM 2.0 update is available from September

Vivo has announced that the expanded RAM 2.0 update is available from September

The Extended RAM feature allows Vivo users to use part of the phone’s storage memory as “active” memory, which will make it easier to use multiple applications at once.

The system is intelligently implemented and can be switched on or off very easily if sufficient storage memory is available. For the X60 Pro model launched this year, Vivo offered 12GB of RAM, which can be improved with another 3GB of expanded RAM.

With Extended RAM 2.0, the X60 Pro will now be able to offer 4GB of memory “on demand” just like the Vivo V21 and Y72 models, going from 3GB to 4GB of memory for short-term use.

“VIVO is committed to continuous improvement and learning while respecting the company ‘Benfen’ philosophy – to do things right and do them right. This means we strive to provide our customers with services that exceed their expectations ,” said Bianca Anda Caloyan, Digital Marketing Specialist, Vivo Romania.

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