VSS Imagine: Virgin Galactic Introduces New Space Glider

VSS Imagine: Virgin Galactic Introduces New Space Glider

Along with VSS Imagine, the American space company Virgin Galactic has introduced a new space glider, which is said to be more powerful than its predecessor and also differs on the outer surface for its reflective surface. The VSS Imagine is the first Spaceship III and they are already working on the VSS Inspire. The presentation of the new model is a milestone en route to the planned 400 flights into space that will be carried out annually. With VSS Imagine, you can show how you have already progressed, in the design and production process, by assuring Virgin Galactic. Until now, this path has been characterized by many failures and years of delays.

Virgin Galactic has been working to offer tourist flights to space for years. The death of the test pilot in an accident greatly delayed the original schedule, but test flights have been taking place again for many years. So far, however, space has reached, based only on the American definition, according to which it starts at 50 miles (about 80 kilometers). The internationally recognized range is 100 kilometers. Prior to the most recent test flight last December, there was speculation as to whether this limit would now be reached, but then the flight was canceled ahead of time.

Virgin Galactic’s space gliders are suspended from an aircraft aircraft, where they release and ignite their own engines. They should then fly into space for some time, where passengers can enjoy scenes of weightlessness and minutes. A seat is now available for US $ 250,000, and those who book five get a sixth for free. Hundreds of flights have already been booked and remain loyal to the company despite delays. Recently, a test flight scheduled for February was postponed until May. The shares of the first space tourism company then went to their knees on the stock exchange.

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