Want to use your WhatsApp on multiple devices? Solution is on the way – 01/05/2021

Want to use your WhatsApp on multiple devices?  Solution is on the way - 01/05/2021

The beginning of the year is always filled with wishes and requests for a new 365-day cycle. this is WhatsApp, In its first 2021 update, already demonstrates that it plans to serve one Old user order: Being able to connect the platform to different devices at the same time.

The company is working to offer WhatsApp web beta to its users so that they can experience the multi-device feature. This information was published by WaBetaInfo, a website that specializes in forecasting and following news from the messaging service.

With this feature, the account can be accessed on platforms on the WhatsApp Web, as it currently is, without the need for an active Internet connection on the main device. And users can access it up to four electronics.

Still in development and with no release date, it seems that the solution will not allow functions such as negotiation, storing and deleting messages. It will also not be possible to make audio calls from the desktop at first. These activities should be integrated into future adaptations.

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The update also contains information about the new WhatsApp service period, effective from 8 February.

In the main update, Applications How the user processes data brings information about how companies can use hosted services Facebook To store and manage your WhatsApp chat, and how the company can offer product integration, in partnership with Facebook.

According to the update, the new words do not change the user experience. Conversations, messages, calls and status updates are encrypted from end to end.

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