Watch 5 Movies About Video Games On Streaming To Celebrate Gamer Day – 8/27/2021 – Streaming

Watch 5 Movies About Video Games On Streaming To Celebrate Gamer Day - 8/27/2021 - Streaming

it’s been a while Video games are no longer children’s entertainment To become a profession, sport and even a work of art. so that players Got a date – Gamer’s Day, which is celebrated on Sunday 29. Of course, the day and the whole weekend can be the ideal time to keep screaming coordinates via headset or to set up dream football team with digital characters, but the date could also serve as an opportunity to discover other kinds of works that explore the universe of games.

Anyone who wants to stop pressing dots, dots and triangles and the W, A, S and D keys on a computer keyboard can immerse themselves in streaming for a few hours. There are nostalgia themed movie options for adults and animations that can be watched by kids.

If you can’t stay away from video games for long, some streaming platforms can be accessed on most famous console. Simply choose one of the tips below and press Play.

But for those who want to go to the movies, there’s an extra tip — the movie “Free Guy – Taking Control” recently hit theaters, in which Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who discovers he’s a bank teller. Living inside video games.

daytona ralph
Ralph is the villain of an electronic game, but internally he considers himself the hero. Feeling neglected, he sets out on a mission to prove his worth and save the arcade he lives in. References to the animation “Super Mario”, “Sonic” and “Street Fighter” attract nostalgic adults.
USA, 2012. Directed by: Rich Moore. on Disney+. free

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Player #1
Unless Steven Spielberg Seems a bit gamer. Directed by the filmmaker, “Player No. 1” tells the story of a time in the future when humanity prefers the virtual reality of the game “Oasis” to the real world. When the game’s creator dies, he is left with a challenge: whoever defeats him will receive the fortune and control of the video game.
USA and India, 2018. Director: Steven Spielberg. Together: Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan. In HBO Max. 12 years

Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle
The movie has a tip for those who don’t rest before zeroing in on a game. In the story, a group of four students find a game taking place in the woods, where they are taken. The only way to survive is to overcome local challenges.
Germany, Australia, Canada, India, USA and UK, 2017. Directed by: Jake Kasdan. Together: Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart. on netflix. Twelve years

mortal Kombat
Gone are the days when it took months or even years for movie premieres to be streaming. The new “Mortal Kombat,” which released in May, can be seen on HBO now. In the plot, MMA fighter Cole Young learns that he is the target of Warrior Sub-Zero, a classic character from the games in the franchise. Fearing for his own safety and that of his family, Young teams up with other veteran fighters to defeat Exo-Terra’s enemies and find out why he was involved in the fight.
USA, 2021. Directed by: Simon McQuaid. Together: Josh Lawson, Louise Tan and Jessica McNamee. In HBO Max. 16 years oldI

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level hard
In the animation, the protagonist finds himself facing a trio of superpowered kids who have fled a video game and landed in their backyard. The young gamer has to solve the situation while learning to take care of the kids.
Canada and Spain, 2020. Director: Corey Edwards. on netflix. freeI

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