Watch five documentaries to watch on Netflix


As much as Netflix Known for himself The list Rich in great series and fantasy films, this does not mean that this giant Streaming Stay back when it comes Documentary film.

With this in mind, we decided to make a list of some of the greatest documentaries available on Netflix.

Watch five documentaries to watch Vishal Streaming. | Photo: Netflix.

Documentary to watch on Netflix

13th amendment, By Eva DuVernay (2016)

Directed by a legendary filmmaker of his generation, this documentary focuses on revealing and condemning the functioning of the American prison system, placing prisoners in inhumane conditions. The film’s title refers to the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which states: “shall be in the United States or anywhere under its jurisdiction, neither slavery nor forced labor, except as punishment for a crime. Defendant. Has been duly convicted ”.

Therefore, if the film is truly finished in the country, then it also depends on slavery.

Icarus, De Brian Fogel (2017)

When discovering a great plan DopingBrian Fogle travels to Russia and decides to see how things work with his eyes. In a variant of “Super Size Me”, Fogle uses himself as the main face of the documentary, recording and using himself as a “guinea pig” to “discover the truth”.

Carter effect, D Sean Maynard (2017)

He was one of the great vince carter NBA, No one questions, but do you know because of its importance and revolution? This documentary is produced by Lebron james And Drake, presenting this very important figure for the game.

Rolling thunder review, By Martin Scorsese (2019)

the director ScorcesA living film legend, this documentary recreates the equally famous Bob Dillon’s Rolling Thunder tour. Mixing archival footage with a little imagination, this documentary is a complete plate for music lovers.

The people, De Chris Smith (2019)

Telling the story of one of the biggest musical fascos of the last 40 years, a great festival that takes place on an island is a real experience, but it was all just a big lie. The purpose of this documentary is to empathize with the rich experience problems of the rich, but which is not so successful.

Also, it works great if seen as a comedy. Faced with the misfortune of the organizers, the advertisements are clearly lying and still attract attention. Better than this are interviews with only wealthy “fraudsters” affected.

The major problem with the documentary is to focus on the story of these rich people, who missed a weekend in Los Angeles in their coverage, and not on the real affected: those engaged by activist organizers and working under uncertain circumstances Were forced to. One day payments are expected, but to date they have not happened.

By João Pedro Barricatti Nacimento – Speak! Casper

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