Watch: ga DeGuard’s two assistants vs. Romania

Watch: ga DeGuard's two assistants vs. Romania

Martin Edgard gave his best performance in months in Norway’s 4-0 win over Romania in the UEFA Nations League. The Real Madrid player slipped to the right in Norway’s 4-4-2, but when the Norwegian got the ball, the center got the freedom to wander. Ga DeGuard played a total of 70 minutes, providing two assists to Holland, 3 key passes, 1 shot on goal, and 3 of 3 take-overs.

First aid was at its best. He wins the ball deep in midfield, raises his head on the dribble, and takes a vertical path breaking a 30-yard line straight into Holland’s path:

First aid broke through the barrier and gave Norway an early lead. Ga DeGuard’s second assist game was a recycled set-piece in the 63rd minute. Ga Degaard played a short corner kick which was found in the whip but was cleared by Romania. The small corner made its way to Sander Bridge at the top of the box, which tried to shoot, but saw the ball fall back into the box, which found Eggard behind the last four. Ga DeGuard left Romania’s goalkeeper, Tuturasano, at 1 and 1, but instead of scoring from a narrow angle, he got an easy tap-in and put the ball around the goal and scored the second score of the night. :

Madrid fans are hoping that Ga Degard can take this confidence boosting performance and repeat his good form for the club. A healthy and firing – Daddyguard could be a game-changing genius for Los Blancos.

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