Watch the conversation by Milton Ribeiro in which he quotes Bolsonaro – 06/24/2022 – Poder

Watch the conversation by Milton Ribeiro in which he quotes Bolsonaro - 06/24/2022 - Poder

Milton Ribeiro revealed in conversation with his daughter on June 9 that he had been alerted by Jair Bolsonaro to a “hump” that he would kill the president through an investigation against the former education minister.

According to him, Bolsonaro “thought” there would be a search and seizure operation.

The conversation with the representative would have taken place on the same day as the telephone conversation between Ribeiro and his daughter, which was intercepted by federal police.

The suspicion of interference by Bolsonaro and the leakage of the Aseso Pago operation, which arrested Ribeiro and the clergy in the case of the Business Desk at the Ministry of Education, supported the decision of Judge Renato Borelli this Friday (24). Federal Court of Justice in the case of the Ministry of Education.

“Today the president called me, he has a feeling again, that he wants to reach him through me. It’s just that I’m sending him verses”, said Ribeiro, Conversation revealed by GloboNews and confirmed sheet,

Watch the full conversation below, including any errors in Portuguese as written in the investigation.

Watch full conversation

daughter: Hey! How are you?

Milton: all good!

daughter, How are you?

milton, Yes, I’m coming here… to the hospital… walking…

daughter: oh there!

Milton: I came to see Mirian. Mother she… Mother she was, I think, a kidney problem

daughter: Then, DUDU spoke to me. I thought you had already met him. Said she went straight to the hospital emergency room, didn’t she?

milton, sleep is…

daughter: Oh damn!

milton, Yeah I wasn’t going upstairs… but now I’m on my way to the hospital

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daughter: What a good father! So you also see Ana Paula, see…

Milton: and truth

daughter, so you are? are you good papa?

milton, all good! things are going

daughter: walk …

milton, The only kind … And that I’m sending him verses, right?

daughter, Ahh! Does he want you to stop texting?

Milton: No! It’s not… he thinks they’re going to do a search and seizure… at home… you know… and… it’s very sad. Good! It can happen, can’t it? If there are any pointers…

daughter, Oh!

IMilton: But there’s no reason, my god

daughter: Hey Dad! No… it’s not sound… I don’t know if he has any info… I’m calling you from my phone… I’m calling you on my regular cell phone, see papa ?

milton, Oh yes? Ah, then we’ll talk! Ok?

daughter: Fine!

milton, A kiss for you (vague)!

daughter: a kiss! Bye !

milton, But, God will take care of it! God is watching!

daughter: Yes, after (vague)… Emotions…

milton, Presentation… He talked about presentation and so on… He was traveling to the United States.

daughter: Oh! cold! you spoke…

milton, Yes, he was in the United States…. but that’s okay! I am …

daughter: And father! We have nothing to hide…

Milton: Thank God!

daughter: So… (laughs) And good luck to anyone who wants to search there at twenty one (laughs)

Milton: (vague) I keep thinking…

daughter, Oh God! (laughs) I can’t even go into that apartment

Milton: you went there? Did you see?

daughter: DUDU filmed for us

Milton: my sweet Lord…

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daughter: But when they change it will soon get better, right?

Milton: Yes, God willing…

daughter: when will it be ready?

Milton: I guess in something else… I guess now you can have as much time as you want, because,

While Paulineha doesn’t…

daughter: So… it was cool… but you can still make changes with him in the hospital, right? That’s already there… Spacing, at least, isn’t it? And he doesn’t even have to go through the inconvenience of making a change, right? oh… oh so go take care of your sick

Milton: Monday, maybe the Reverend Osni meet me here

daughter: Oh! What a good father! Great!

Milton: is (vague) ..

daughter: Yes papa… we will also have pity…

Milton: Yes… that’s good, daughter! See a big kiss?

daughter: other

Milton: God bless and keep your life I’m praying for you too, okay?

daughter: No problem! Thank you very much father! We are here for treatment, we will let you know when the news comes.

milton, kiss!

daughter, kiss! Bye

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