Watch the trailer for the third annual ‘Destiny 2’ Halloween event

Watch the trailer for the third annual 'Destiny 2' Halloween event

Destiny 2Halloween’s annual event, the festival The Lost, is set to make its comeback next week, Bungie has announced.

The developer described all the changes to the game A blog post, Including fans’ favorite activities, new loot and more. Like the missing events of the previous festival, players will have to talk to Eva Levante, located in the tower, before being allowed to join this year’s festivities. She will provide players with a new Halloween mask, a new quest and access to the ghost forest.

Bungi has also released a new trailer leading up to the event on October 6. Gameplay footage shows that when the Festival of the Lost goes live next week, there will be a lot of fan activity, new loot and more returns.

Watch the trailer below.

Ghost Forest has received some updates around this time. Players can get special cipher decoders from Spider so they can access special catches every time they visit a ghost forest. There will be five catches available for players to open for each encounter. It will feature things like Legendary Gear to Marks.

Bungi is also ready for the next release Destiny 2 Detail, Beyond the light, In the coming months. The update marks the beginning of the developer’s roadmap for the future of the game, where they will continue to build the foundation. Destiny 2 Instead of working on a sequel.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light It is currently set to launch on November 10. The extension was originally scheduled to arrive in September but was later delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

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