Ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

When a WhatsApp user sends a message, it is stored on their device. But after sending the message by the users, it is deleted from the company’s server. So when users delete that message, it flies off their device as well. As a result, once users delete a WhatsApp message, it is very difficult to recover it. But there are many ways to recover deleted messages.

using the cloud

An important feature of WhatsApp is that users can back up their messages to the cloud. Users can also upload their messages to Google Drive for Android phones and iCloud for iPhones.

As a result, their messages remain secure even if the phone is lost or damaged. By installing WhatsApp on the new phone, that message can be found again. This cloud backup service is the best way to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp for smartphone. It is possible to back up messages. As a result, even if you delete a message, it will come back.

using the phone

In case of Android phones, WhatsApp messages are saved as a local backup. In such a situation, users do not use the cloud backup service of WhatsApp, but the message is saved as a local backup. It is possible to recover deleted messages.

(Dhaka Times/20 October/AZ)

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