we. Biden will reapply despite age and unpopularity

we.  Biden will reapply despite age and unpopularity

When he took over as President of the United States following the removal of Donald Trump from the White House in January, spokesman Jan Psaki revealed that Joe Biden intends to run for office in the 2024 presidential election. [recandidatar-se]”, said Saki during a press conference this Monday. “It is his intention,” said a spokesman quoted by Reuters, intended to end rumors started by Democratic leaders that the current president would not be a candidate again due to declining popularity.

“The only thing I’ve heard from Biden is that he plans to run again. And I’m pleased with that decision,” former Democratic Senator Chirs Dobb told the Washington Post in an article published on the president’s 79th birthday. , adding that he too had shared this information with “a small group of donors”. The virtual fundraising event that took place at the beginning of the month.

Despite Biden’s confidence in running for re-election, his position couldn’t have been more different than the moment he agreed to face Donald Trump in the election.

In early November, the rejection rate of the President of the United States was “historically high”, American business magazine Fortune wrote.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters published in late October, when Biden was elected, his approval rating was 53%, but meanwhile fell to 44%, while the disapproval rate stood at 51%, making it difficult to achieve. Succeeded. The one with a higher rejection rate than the current president was Donald Trump (56.7%).

While Biden’s administration recently celebrated a major victory with Congress’ approval last week of a billion-dollar infrastructure plan (€890 billion), a package of social benefits is still under debate. two billion dollars.

It’s a significant relief for Biden because, according to a study cited by the Guardian earlier this week, before the plan’s approval, it said only 39% of Americans liked the way the president managed the country’s economy. was approved. country, at a time when inflation in the United States reached its highest peak in the past 30 years and due to a crisis in supply chains.

In addition to these issues, the way the president dealt with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which has thrown the Asian country into a state of chaos, the Taliban taking control of the government, and the lack of control of the pandemic in the United States. With the delta version rising, Covid-19 cases and deaths are among the main reasons for Americans’ discontent.

Already in favor of Biden, Donald Trump’s former rival in the polls, analysts believe the former president will run in the polls and have a chance to win in the five states he lost in 2020, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania . , Michigan and Wisconsin, his former attorney, Michael Cohen, believes otherwise.

“Donald will not run for re-election,” the lawyer told CNN. “First of all, he has a very fragile ego. He lost the first election by almost 7 million votes and this time he will lose even more and his fragile ego cannot stand the second defeat,” Cohen explained.

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