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جئناكم بالجديد كيفية تغيير رقمك على واتساب « تحديث ولا أروع ولا أجمل منه »

How to change your number on WhatsApp is one of the most common questions in the minds of many people who want to change their WhatsApp number due to some emergency situations. And through this article, we will learn together how to change your number on WhatsApp in an easy way and through mobile phone settings.

What happens when you change your WhatsApp number?

And when you change the WhatsApp number on your mobile phone, you can link your contacts to the new number, knowing that the old numbers will not have the opportunity to communicate with you through the old number. His account will be temporarily suspended.

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how to change your number on whatsapp

Also, changing the number for Whats up One of the easiest things you need to do is take a few simple and easy steps to accomplish this task. You can also change the number of WhatsApp application in a few minutes. Here are the most important ways to help you do so, via the following lines:

how to change your number on whatsapp

How do I change my WhatsApp number without code?

Here are the most important ways to change your WhatsApp number, through the following steps:

  • Register the countries on the WhatsApp Settings tab.
  • And after that step click on the icon which says Account.
  • After that click on Change mobile number of WhatsApp application.
  • In the relevant context, the next icon is pressed to activate your new number.
  • You can also enter the mobile number associated with WhatsApp.
  • Then the next step is to delete the old number, and another to enter the new number. Which you want to work on the new Alvats August.
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change whatsapp number while chatting

It is worth noting that after changing the mobile phone number of the WhatsApp application, the application is going to send an alert message to the people connected to you on the old number. Tell them what action you have taken to change the number to a new one. Thus, you can easily communicate with your people or groups on the new WhatsApp number.

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