We finally know why the commander of Boeing’s test flight dropped out of the Starliner test – BGR

We finally know why the commander of Boeing's test flight dropped out of the Starliner test - BGR
  • The involvement of Boeing’s Starliner crew becomes even clearer as we learn about one of the reasons Commander Chris Ferguson resigned.
  • The astronaut made family promises in 2021, including his daughter’s wedding.
  • The mission has been delayed many times, and the coronavirus has caused a lot of issues, things that are very bad for astronauts.

It was astronaut Chris Ferguson a few days ago Announced that he would resign From his position as commander of the first Boeing Starliner crew test flight in 2021. This is a big deal, as Starliner is being repeatedly delayed and another hurdle is pushing the company further behind its rival SpaceX, which has already been introduced. Let’s make a promise to NASA with the dragon

At the time, Ferguson’s statement was relatively vague. He noted that he had earlier promises that he could not ignore. Now, there are a lot of things that a person promises, but there aren’t a lot of things that can’t be canceled for space travel. Thanks to a Boeing statement, we now know that Ferguson’s feet are firmly planted on the ground.

According to a company statement, one of Ferguson’s commitments is to marry his daughter. It… actually makes a lot of sense.

As I mentioned in the first article covering this story, the coronavirus epidemic has seriously entangled many plans and schemes in the United States and around the world. In fact, NASA and Boeing have noted that the Starliner program was also affected by the epidemic, and this is not surprising given the history of project delays and shocks.

On top of that, wedding venues have been very strict about canceling this year, and from personal experience, I know that despite the spread of the virus, there are many venues that accept radios or cancel without charging a lot of fees. It’s a bad situation all around, and although we’re not sure what Ferguson’s situation is, I’m hesitant to conclude that either the astronaut or his daughter is being “selfish,” as some say. People have said.

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In all likelihood, the actual wedding plans (and whatever other commitments Ferguson made for 2021) did not interfere with Starliner’s actual planned launch. Remember, the launch of the Starliner has been delayed several times, and a major setback for the immaculate test mission Glitch has significantly pushed back Boeing’s timeline. Now, the launch (as it currently stands) is scheduled for a time filled with Ferguson’s family events, and he has decided to make his family a priority.

But don’t worry, as Boeing’s Starliner program goes, the launch may be delayed again, so you’ll never know who might be on board when the spacecraft finally lands.

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