Western countries urge Libya to set a new date for the presidency. International – Germany, Europe, Africa | dw

Western countries urge Libya to set a new date for the presidency.  International - Germany, Europe, Africa |  dw

“We urge the concerned Libyan authorities to respect the desire of the Libyan people to hold elections as soon as possible, by setting a fixed date for voting and publication, without delay, of candidates,” the joint statement said. The final list of,” the joint statement said. , issued this Friday (24.12) by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Libya’s Supreme Electoral Commission proposed postponing the elections on Wednesday (22.12) because of a conflict between the political and judicial branches of power over the nomination of candidates, the first president in the history of the former Italian colony.

All this amid escalating tensions that threatened a ceasefire agreement signed by Russia and Turkey more than a year ago, which has opened the door to a new UN-sponsored peace and reconciliation process.

In their statement today, Germany, the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom nonetheless congratulated Libya’s Supreme Electoral Commission for its “technical and logistical readiness”, which was last approved at the international conference in Paris on 12 November. it was done.

The five countries also warned that they would “blame” individuals or entities “inside or outside the country” for obstructing the electoral process, in a message that reflected Russian and Turkish influence in Libya.

“Those who interfere may be placed on the list of the United Nations Sanctions Committee, as set out in Security Council Resolution 2571,” he said.

So far, many attempts to stabilize Libya, a country rich in hydrocarbons and a major route for irregular migration into Europe, have not succeeded since the 2011 overthrow and assassination of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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In their note, Berlin, Washington, Paris, Rome and London praised the work of Stephanie Williams, UN Special Adviser on Libya in this North African country.

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