We’ve rarely seen dinosaur brains before

We've rarely seen dinosaur brains before

“Perhaps this change is related to a change in eating habits,” he said. “Carnivorous animals generally need more cognitive abilities.”

These details about the brain of buryolitis are interesting because it is an early dinosaur, said Lawrence Whitmer, an archaeologist at Ohio University and a professor of sauropods.

“It gives us a window into the rapid evolution of the brains and sensory systems of the largest animals on Earth, the sauropod dinosaurs,” he said.Of s The inner ear canal and floccular lobe suggest that it used rapid, coordinated movements of the head, neck, and eyes.

“For slow-moving sauropods, there was no premium to retaining such capabilities, and now we know they would have lost that ability,” he said, “because it was in the genus of males like buryolutes.”

“Our knowledge of the early dinosaur brain is very limited,” said Fabian Knoll, a paleontologist at the Dinopolis Foundation in Teruel, Spain. Buryolasts, one of the oldest known dinosaurs, and its contemporaries are found mainly in Brazil and Argentina. When organic remains remain, the skulls may be crushed or lost, making this study a rarity.

It helps to shed light on a shady but fascinating evolutionary story – the slow transition of small, fast, two-legged predators, endless, into an environment that only ate plants.

Dr. “The study of the dinosaur’s brain is advancing rapidly because it has become easier than ever to reconstruct the morphology of the brain in place of digital technology,” Knoll said. “However, in the early days of dinosaurs, brain information was hampered by a lack of traits. So I would say that it is important to dig up sites in Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere that provide safe dinosaurs very quickly. “

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