What do a rapper, an esports team, and the Super Bowl have in common?

What do a rapper, an esports team, and the Super Bowl have in common?

Snoop Dogg wearing a FaZe Klan necklace at the 2022 Super Bowl, Photo: Reuters / Reproduction

Those who followed the final Super Bowl, the second most expensive sporting event in the world (approximately US$216,000), saw many rap and hip hop icons perform at the famous halftime show. Among them, and perhaps the most anticipated, Snoop Dogg. You probably didn’t notice, and even if you had, you probably wouldn’t have understood, but Snoop Dogg walked onto the stage wearing a diamond necklace that read FaZe Klan.

And what is the FaZe clan? Today, FaZe Clan is the most successful esports team on the planet, winning numerous world tournaments in games like Call of Duty, FIFA, Rainbow Six, Valorant and many more. And more than a team, they are now a community. His fans are as fanatical as fans of Flamengo, Corinthians and Palmeiras argue about who was better: Zico, Socrates or Ademir da Gua. And how did he make it? Occupying a blank space and failing to communicate with traditional media: Gen Z.

It all started with a very young group of outstanding players call of duty, 11 years ago. Initially, what he did was to post his most amazing plays on YouTube for other people to see. One of these players was Brazilian Thomas Oliveira, who moved to the United States at the age of 7. Success came systematically. A fan is telling someone else, until there’s a boom: The YouTube channel has crossed 1 million subscribers.

Thomas, FaZe’s then CEO (yes, even young, he already had a business-oriented mindset), built the first shared home for FaZe players to reside and train. New players were joining the team, social media influencers were added, professional NBA and NFL players were added to the clan, and the rest is history.

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Currently, the combined audience of all FaZe members is over 500 million people (BBB 22’s accumulated reach on Globo is 126 million viewers, if you want a basis for comparison). Currently, the English football team Manchester City, one of the world’s richest and most successful clubs, has the FaZe brand stamped on their uniforms; DC Comics did a special Batman series with several members of the clan; McDonald’s reportedly signed a ten-year sponsorship deal for $210 million; And in 2021 they. became the first team eSports On the cover of the cult Sports Illustrated.

And as if all that success wasn’t enough, at the Super Bowl, Brand was seen hugging one of the world’s most cult rappers, Snoop Dogg, who was announced almost a month later, as a new member of Was. The team is acting as an influencer and is a member of FaZe’s board of directors. Administrative Council? Yes, as I mentioned above, they have always been business minded and are soon going to be a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ with an estimated starting value of $1.6 billion. Any doubt whether they are ready?

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