What does Joe Biden have to learn from the White House series? – 19/01/2021 – Illustrated

What does Joe Biden have to learn from the White House series?  - 19/01/2021 - Illustrated

In more than 50 years in politics, Joe Biden has built a reputation as a good listener and outstanding negotiator. Nevertheless, the 46th US President assumes office in times of extreme tension, making the country more polarized than ever and posing major challenges ahead.

What can old monkeys learn from TV? Let’s start with an old series “West Wing: Behind the Scenes of Power” from 1999 to 2006.

Produced by screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin, its protagonist was the fictional president of the Democratic Party, Jade Bartlett, similar to Biden. Starring by Martin Sheen, the character faced a crisis for seven seasons – one, specifically, Multiple Sclerosis, which he tried to hide from his team.

At the time, the “West Wing” was distinguished as a realistic portrait of Washington’s intricacies, and won numerous awards. Today, it is criticized for showing a near-ideal president. If Biden takes Barlett as a model, she can quickly land on his face.

“Scandal – Behind the Scenes of Power” is more spicy. Created by screenwriter Shonda Rimes, it aired from 2012 to 2018, and today is on GlobePlay under the original title “Scandal”.

For season seven, Attorney Olivia Pope, the role of Carey Washington, uses her talent to prevent her from getting out of hand and destroying powerful clients. Your motto can be very important to Joe Biden – always trust your instincts. It does not matter with fact, evidence or even law. Do what your intuition says.

It was in 2012 that a rare politically inspired sitcom – “Veep” also debuted on HBO Go.

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British screenwriter Armando Inauchi made the series about the inept UK Prime Minister from the film “In the Loop”. But a very American component was added to it. The hero Selina Meyer is clearly inspired by Sarah Palin, a former governor of Alaska who ran as a runner-up for John McCain, defeated by Obama and Biden in 2008. The representative of the most right-wing party of the Republican Party surprised the world with him. Ignorance.

Meyer is a runner-up who has nothing to do. His efforts to stay relevant almost helped set incompetent employees, setting the tone for the first seven seasons. Then, with frequent strokes of chance, she reaches the White House and runs for re-election. All this without a concrete project being designed and run by the smoothies. It must be terrible to be such a president.

The character has only one quality that, for Joe Biden, could wish him luck. In other cases, this is an example of what not to do.

Finally, we came to the series from Netflix with the most influential political theme in recent years – “House of Cards”, which had six seasons between 2013 and 2018. Created by Beau Williman from the British series of the same name. Clinton, as the protagonist of the attraction, was a duo based on the unscrupulous Frank and Claire Underwood, who were also able to commit murder with their bare hands to remain in power.

The thrill of the couple, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, shocked the audience. Critics found the script to be legless in reality. Then came the Trump administration, and the “House of Cards” became a fairy tale. But Underwood’s cleverness and finesse could serve Biden.

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Now, if the new president wants to see someone with a character who is willing to do well without being corrupted, he has to look all over the Atlantic – especially Prime Minister Birjit Neurg in Denmark’s series by Sid Babette Knudson Was played. Borgen ”, from 2010 to 2012 on Netflix. One obvious caveat – Denmark is smaller and much less complex than the United States.

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