What is Boxing Day? Understand the relationship between Natal and the Premier League – Lance

What is Boxing Day?  Understand the relationship between Natal and the Premier League - Lance

Unlike countries such as Portugal and France, there is no stay in football due to Christmas in England. This is due to “Boxing Day”, a holiday observed in countries of the United Kingdom since 1871, the day after Christmas, on 26 December.

In England, the date is marked by a round of all major divisions occurring on a single day.

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There are some principles for the creation of Boxing Day. The first is that the “box” (meaning box) will be a reference to the box that the domestic staff receives with the survivors from the dinner.

The second principle also includes boss and employees. The British aristocracy gave gifts to their servants and distributed them in boxes (boxes), hence the name “Boxing Day”.

There is also another theory, which is due to boxes kept in churches to donate money to poor families on Christmas day and which will be opened on the 26th.

On a cultural level, the holiday celebrates St. Stephen’s Day and serves people to exchange unwanted gifts, take advantage of shopping vouchers and stock burns.

At the beginning of Boxing Day in football, matches were played between rival teams or teams that had little geographic distance between them to prevent fans from traveling hours after Christmas.

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