What is PS5 Storage Glitch?

What is PS5 Storage Glitch?

Sony’s first batch of PlayStation 5 units could be a storage glitch issue that crashes the console.

GiantBamb Editor Jeff Gerstman reports that his PS5 crashes whenever he puts the system in rest mode while it is running. Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered. On November 11, he tweeted that the issue forced players to “repair your external drive” when restarting the console.

In a follow-up tweet, Gerstman explained that the console “ends up on a black screen” every time its external drive goes into repair order. Upon manually restarting the console, the console prompts it to file an error report before booting normally.

Garstman then received a response from James Stevenson, who serves as the director of community community at Insomniac Games, noting that The development team is considering this issue At their end.

Garstman’s experience with the PS5 confirms the YouTube AGC, which was given a useless presentation before the console had a chance to review it. AGC is currently working with Sony to purchase a replacement unit.

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The reported glitch also appears to be moving while playing Surprised Spider-Man Remastered In particular, it is recommended that players exit the game altogether before moving on to another title or putting it into sleep mode.

Gerstman later revealed that the console usually runs for other games. It’s worth noting that both Gerstman and AGC were playing games from outside drives during the crashes.

Sony has not yet commented on the issue or implemented any improvements. It’s also worth noting that console launches typically include some faulty items, and issues may not be indicative of the PS5 as a whole.

The PlayStation 5 is currently available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea. It will be available from November 19 in many parts of the world, including the UK and Europe.

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