What Miss Bambam Candidate Regrets After Relationship With Neymar – 04/09/2021

What Miss Bambam Candidate Regrets After Relationship With Neymar - 04/09/2021

Carol Abranches, former Neymar episode and Miss Bumbum contestant

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Beatriz Cijerini

From UOL in Sao Paulo

09/04/2021 04h00

Miss Bambam contestant, Carole Abraons, is known for her relationship with Neymar. In conversation with sportThe real estate broker recalled all the results of the encounter with the PSG striker and talked about the preparations for the competition that would select the best butt in the country.

In 2011, Carroll and Neymar were photographed during a ferry trip in Guaruza. At the time, the player used Twitter to say that he had no connection with the model and that they were not friends either. Carioca, who lives in Miami, said he met the attacker in a ballad in São Paulo.

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We started a friendship and started talking to each other. I was invited to go to their home in Guaruja, then we went for a boat trip and everyone already knew what had happened.
Carol Abranches met Neymar

Today, Carol lives in the United States and has an eight-month-old baby, the result of her relationship with an American model. More mature, the candidate for Miss Bumbum says that she regrets the way she handled all the consequences of the case with Neymar 10 years ago.

Playboy came to me and I did not cover. I regret that. It could have been better advised. I do not regret joining with Neymar, I think I will handle it better.

Carol about remorse

Carroll will compete in 10-year-old Miss Bumbum. According to him, what inspired the words of the plastic surgeon after he gave birth to his son Enzo.

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And he said he did not want to do anything, he did not want to touch my butt and said that I have a 60 thousand dollar butt. This encouraged me to participate in the competition.
Carol, she was about to consult with a surgeon

Carol and son enzo

Breeding / Instagram - Breeding / Instagram
Image: Playback / Instagram

As she agreed to participate in the competition, Carol made some specific preparations to keep her in the butt. “I’ve done laser treatments on the skin, hair removal, exfoliation on the butt and it looks smooth. I also have an exercise routine and I specialize in beauty treatments.”

The biggest inspiration for me is Anita, who has a butt and an amazing body. He has the perfect butt, which the whole world loves. His butt is natural.
Carol, about one of the inspirations

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