What Perks Can Prestigious Cisco CCNA Certification Flaunt?

Indeed, Cisco has become a prominent name in the IT industry. They hold a major share in the networking field and are responsible for providing products and services throughout significant technologies like Networking, Security, Data Center, Collaboration, and the like. Being such a big name, this company also offers certifications that are regarded as a standard for IT companies to filter out potential candidates for various job positions. It is safe to say that individuals with Cisco designations experience definite growth in their careers. One such qualification that is worth our attention is the Cisco CCNA certification so let’s dive deeper into the benefits that come with such an endorsement once its related 200-301 exam is cleared:

  1. Expertise Enhancement

Well, earning the https://www.certbolt.com/ CCNA certification is not an easy feat. It requires immense dedication and will to strengthen the knowledge about networking that an individual possesses. In the quest of acquiring this certificate, candidates are introduced to technologies that function within the Cisco core networking concepts that they need to master. This results in being competent to not only earn the CCNA certification but also paves the way for higher-level Cisco qualifications like the CCNP Enterprise. Although only theoretical understanding is not enough to survive in the world of technology, it surely clears a path for you to gain some hands-on experience.

  1. Resume Strengthening and Salary Raise

Undoubtedly, the Cisco CCNA certification gives you recognition. It significantly strengthens your resume and will definitely make you stand out from the competition. So, when you’re ready to start your career in the field of networking, including the CCNA 200-301 Exam designation on your CV will certainly attract the attention of your potential employer. Almost all, if not all the recruiters will look for the CCNA on your achievement list and will definitely mark you as the first priority in the hiring process if you do hold the certificate. And since such a certification is valid for 3 years, there is a lot of time for you to make good use out of it. Additionally, acquiring the Cisco CCNA endorsement will mark you as a prominent network specialist, which will help you climb up the career ladder pretty quickly. For those who are already working as network specialists, earning the CCNA certification will at least double their current salary. And for you to see this figure with your own eyes, the CCNA designation alone can get you at best almost $80k in one year according to Payscale.

  1. Path to Advancement
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The CCNA validation equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge making the process of earning higher level certifications offered by the same vendor easier. As a result, getting your hands on Cisco professional- and expert-tier certifications would not only grant you respect from your colleagues but will also advance your career further and validate your expertise yet higher in the field of networking.

  1. Global Recognition

Cisco has its hands in almost all the countries in the world. Thousands of companies use their networking services and products making them an eminent name in the global networking scene. Thus, the earners of the CCNA certification may get hired in any international company with ease and will become an integral part of that networking community of professionals.


Over the years, the number of networking jobs has increased significantly, making the Cisco CCNA certification potentially a must-have achievement for landing a good job and working as a networking specialist. So, if you need more reasons for pursuing this qualification, read this post, and let all your doubts dispel.

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