What would Luka Doncic have to improve to become the best in the NBA? game | The Critic | Amazon – Amazon

What would Luka Doncic have to improve to become the best in the NBA?  game |  The Critic |  Amazon - Amazon

At 22, Doncic will need to develop even more if he is to live up to the game’s stakes that place him as a favorite to become NBA MVP.

Luka Doncic is one of the great stars of the NBA. The Slovenian has achieved this status in US basketball in only three seasons and is currently one of the most recognizable names in the competition. But at 22, Doncic will need to develop even more if he wants to live up to the Sports betting Which places him as the favorite to be the NBA MVP.

Doncic’s three NBA seasons saw two All-Star appearances and two picks for the competition’s first best quintet. He was also chosen as the Freshman of the Year in 2019. Last season, Doncic was the fifth-highest scorer, the fifth-most assists per game, and the second-most attempts.

Slovenia is the reference player for the 2018 European champion Dallas Mavericks along with the national team, one of the NBA’s historic franchises that Doncic hopes will lead the team to a new championship. But, for him, the ex-Real Madrid side still has work to do to fix the flaws that keep him from achieving his best version.

Issues with the physical condition of Luka Doncic

Since coming to the NBA, Luka Doncic has been the focus of comments about his weight. In the beginning, it was a lack of muscle definition in Doncic’s almost juvenile body. Later, the press speculated that Luca’s weight gain did not correspond to an increase in muscle mass.

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ESPN journalist Tim McMahon reported that Doncic displayed a weight of 118 pounds at the start of the preseason, with the player’s official weight being 13 pounds. During a nationwide broadcast of the game against the Brooklyn Nets, legend Reggie Miller commented on Doncic’s problems getting into top physical condition.

“See how he’s going up and down the court. He’s not even running. I’ve never seen him so heavy,” said the legendary Indiana Pacers pitcher. After the game against the Nets, Doncic recognized the problem: “I played in the Olympics and took 3 weeks off, I took a lot of rest. Too much. I just want to do my best.”

A knee problem has hampered the fitness of Doncic, who, far from his best moment, is still able to average 26 points, 8 rebounds and 8.5 assists. The new Dallas Mavericks coach, former point guard Jason Kidd,’s mission is to improve Doncic’s performance and educate the Slovenian so he can work off the court as well.

Technical glitches and shooting improvements

However, his physique is part of the improvements Doncic needs to make to secure his position as the NBA’s top player. The Slovenian was the second player to have the most technical fouls in the previous season. After complaining 16 times the referee decided to punish him. The image of Doncic fighting the judges is one of the most common in the NBA.

“It is difficult for me to control emotions on the court, but I realize that I have to work on it. It’s tough, but I have to work on it and become a lot better”, admitted Doncic last season. The situation has not changed, as he has already accumulated 5 technical fouls in 19 games in the 2021-2022 season.

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And, in a purely technical aspect, Luka Doncic has a dual challenge: to improve the percentage of use in free throws and three-point shots. At 69% and 32% respectively, the numbers are much lower than what would be expected from a player like Doncic.

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