WhatsApp acts you can enjoy in 2022

WhatsApp acts you can enjoy in 2022

Although WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps, competition is fierce: iMessage from Apple, Telegram, Signal … This is no surprise, so the people responsible have offered us new features of whatsapp throughout the year, But what’s next? What news is coming on WhatsApp this 2022?

Thanks to WhatsApp beta versions, official announcements, and occasional rumours, even before 2022 begins, we already know some of the changes and news we’ll see in WhatsApp in the coming months.

Some will remind you of functions that already exist in other applications such as instagram Twitter, However, any addition is welcome as long as it improves the user experience by sending or receiving messages.

Your own stickers made with WhatsApp

WhatsApp already has its own sticker maker, This is actually one of the new feature of WhatsApp. However, this feature is currently available only on WhatsApp Web.

Sooner than later, WhatsApp will also allow create stickers directly from your mobile application. And if this happens in 2022, it is not surprising. So, maybe this year you can create personalized stickers directly from your mobile and without installing anything.

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