WhatsApp announces new features in Voice Messages

WhatsApp announces new features in Voice Messages

WhatsApp voice messages are a real success Forumso about 7 billion Audio are sent daily. Because of this, the company is interested in adding new features to the system, as announced this Wednesday.

WhatsApp has made several changes on its official blog. “Today, we are pleased to announce the new Resources Which will make the experience of sending and receiving voice messages on WhatsApp even better.


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Among the changes are:

  • Playback outside conversation: While doing other things or reading and replying to other messages, listen to voice messages without keeping the conversation open.
  • Pause/resume recording: Now, while recording a message, if there’s an interruption or you need to think about what to say, you can pause the recording, and resume it when you’re ready.
  • Waveform view: Shows a visual representation of sound in Message Voicemail to help with recording.
  • Recording Preview: Listen to your voice messages before sending.
  • resume playback: When you’re listening to a voice message and want to stop it, you can return to the conversation and pick up where you left off.
  • Quick playback of forwarded messages: Listen to voice messages 1.5x or 2x faster than both regular and forwarded messages.
WhatsApp announced a new feature in Voice Messages. Image: playback / whatsapp

According to the company, gradually the resources will be made available to everyone. users for the next few weeks.

You know when you want to transfer files on WhatsApp, but the size is not supported by the app? Messenger may soon address this (at least in some cases). a beta version of application Testing to allow transfers for iOS files Media up to two GB in size.

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according to website WABetainfo, Beta for iOS is available for some users in Argentina. Remembering that WhatsApp’s current file limit is 100MB, so increasing it to 2GB would represent a major change in the app’s features.

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