WhatsApp Color Feature: Switch to the new ‘Color’ in WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Color Feature: Switch to the new 'Color' in WhatsApp!

Internet Desk: WhatsApp.. is more close to the users with features like group calling, data transfer, disappearing, payments. Now WhatsApp is going to bring another feature for Android users. Introducing a feature called New Color Scheme (WhatsApp Color Scheme). WhatsApp claims that beta testers have been given a chance to test in this regard. The ‘New Color’ feature can be applied to WhatsApp Light and Dark themes. Useful for background as well as send button.

Currently the top bar on WhatsApp is green. If you apply the same new color scheme feature, you can change from green to gray. Possibility to change background, message bubble, send button with top bar. According to WA Beta Info, the new color scheme status update may be implemented on the chat share sheet. WhatsApp is also bringing another feature in the beta version. Group creation date will be introduced for Android users. As of now, it was only for iPhone users. Soon, WhatsApp revealed that Android will be brought to them. Apart from this, WhatsApp is trying to introduce a new ‘Message’ banner in the chat bar instead of ‘Type A message’. It is already preparing for beta users but preparing to bring the rest to them.

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