WhatsApp Desktop gets a makeover for Windows 11

WhatsApp Desktop gets a makeover for Windows 11

The WhatsApp app for Windows is being redesigned to match the Windows 11 interface.

app developers WhatsApp Its compatibility across multiple devices has been working for several months. This is particularly reflected by the applications offered on the PC to continue interacting with a very physical keyboard.

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Internet users have noticed that the new beta version of WhatsApp for Windows is changing its interface. It now uses the WinUI 2.6 API to better blend in with the Windows 11 design code.

Remember the WhatsApp UWP app? They are now moving to WinUI 2.6+ styling to get Windows 11 Fluent Design #Whatsapp #windows 11 #your drink #FluentDesign pic.twitter.com/94PhDofJC1

— FireCube (@FireCubeStudios) 17 January 2022

The FireCube account took several screenshots to compare the design before and after the update. The changes just aren’t too deep: a new font or a new button requires attention.

This is currently a beta change, and we can expect more changes before the stable release.

l’application whatsapp beta Available on Microsoft Store,

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