WhatsApp desktop version is finally a video call feature, here’s how to use it

WhatsApp desktop version is finally a video call feature, here's how to use it

People’s mindWhatsApp Finally the app added voice call and video call function The desktop On Windows and Mac.

This new ceremony was announced on the blog WhatsApp Which gives users a taste of the experience gained on the mobile version of the app.

However, for now, users The desktop WhatsApp Can only make voice and video calls or one-on-one One by one.

In the announcement, WhatsApp Said that it has seen a significant increase in people calling each other WhatsApp, Often for long conversations over the past year.

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“With so many people still separated from their loved ones, and adjusting to new ways of working, we want the conversation to begin WhatsApp Feel as close to the real as possible, no matter where you are or the technology you use, “says WhatsApp, On 4 March, cited Pikiran-rakyat.com From his official blog.

WhatsApp Also add voice and video calls WhatsApp End-to-end encrypted. Therefore, the company cannot hear or watch calls made by telephone or computer.

Method of use WhatsApp The desktop

You can make free voice and video calls on contacts WhatsApp Desktop If you have installed the application on the computer.

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