WhatsApp features that promise to give you a ‘new look’

WhatsApp features that promise to give you a ‘new look’

WhatsApp has invested in the development of many different features that promote better interactivity between people.

Some of the changes are subtle and users get used to it quickly, such as the possibility to automatically mute a contact while storing a conversation. However, it seems that new implementations tend to be more radical, even changing the appearance of the platform.

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Previews of the solutions created excited the public who can’t wait to try out the ideas of Mark Zuckerberg, the current owner of the application. Although there are several amendments, not all of them will be made official in a single week, but most are in the testing phase. The innovations indicate that many improvements will be considered within a few years.

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Possibility to make a choice: Asking questions with quick choices in a table that shows results in percentages helps with decision making in the group, as well as representing members’ opinions in an organized manner.

Connect same account on device: Similar to WhatsApp Web function, but considering Android or iOS devices among cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Provide status in contact list: When you open the contact list a green icon appears in alphabetical order, with the name of all the numbers saved and a fragment of the last message. In the upcoming update, WhatsApp wants to clarify the situation with this information and photos.

Respond to conversations with emoji: On Instagram and Facebook, emoji can be used to express certain emotions by pressing a message box, and using emoji. Probably this feature will replace private or group conversations a lot.

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