WhatsApp gets a new name: Now this name is changing with the popular Messenger

WhatsApp gets a new name: Now this name is changing with the popular Messenger

facebook group recent given a new name. This change is now being implemented for the popular WhatsApp and Instagram services as well: as can already be seen in the current beta version for Android, the new name “WhatsApp from Meta” is now “WhatsApp from Facebook”. can be read here instead. “(Through: WABetaInfo)

The name change has already been implemented in the iOS version for iPhones in the latest beta version

He wants to use this to lead the group more firmly from the shadow of its parent and by far the most important platform, Facebook. Apart from Instagram, the company group also includes WhatsApp and Messenger chat apps.

WhatsApp with a new name: These are the inspirations behind Facebook

After changing the meta name of Facebook, now WhatsApp has also been given a new name.


With the new name, the group wants to focus on the new virtual world “Metaverse”, in which it sees digital communications and the future of its company.

However, many also see another reason for the name change: After several scandals in recent years, it seems unlikely that the company would want to distract from these with changes to bolster its image.

Incidentally, Facebook introduced the term “Facebook to WhatsApp” only two years ago to make it clear that the popular messenger is part of the Zuckerberg group.

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