Whatsapp has made its mobile ‘freedom’

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Hey WhatsApp Has produced a major update that should guarantee their “independence” Cell phone. First tested AndroidThe beta version of WhatsApp Web which eliminates the need to connect to smartphones is already being tried in WhatsApp as well Ios.

Information was recently released by WaBetaInfo. According to the website, the beta version of the application for the company’s operating system is Apple Allows Messenger to be used in the browser without the need for a cell phone Internet.

Currently, to use the service PC You need to open and read the app on your phone QR code. Until a few months ago, this model only worked on one computer at a time, something that should be expanded to more devices at the same time.

Hey WaBetaInfo Recalled that some functions of the app are not yet present in this beta version, but should be added in the future. In tests, for now, it is reported that it is not possible to use the “delete for all” button (to delete the message for everyone in the conversation) and send the message to those who have the most recent version of the messenger Is not.

The new WhatsApp web has no release date yet and is still being developed. The promise is that it will be faster than the current one, and that business accounts can be accessed even without the need for an internet-connected smartphone.

Extend whatsapp

This will be another step towards becoming a larger service by WhatsApp and not just messaging software. Earlier this month, which comes under the application Facebook Launched in Brazil and other countries On whatsapp (Paid on whatsapp).

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The tool allows you to conduct financial transactions between users, guaranteeing to send and receive money from friends and family and make purchases at small commercial establishments.

On whatsapp

To use the function, it is possible to register a debit or prepaid card. Security is provided by the same system as On facebook, Which works with biometrics or a PIN to approve each transaction and encryption to protect card data.

It is not known whether the money transfer tool will be launched in the web version or not, but the fact is that if it arrives, the application will become even more independent from the cell phone.

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