WhatsApp has stopped reporting archived conversations How to use the new function | Social Networks

WhatsApp has stopped reporting archived conversations How to use the new function |  Social Networks

hey WhatsApp Issuing a new file to users of Android This week. archived section of application Displays a warning “Archived chats will remain archived” followed by a warning that the user will no longer receive notifications of archived chats. In practice, the change made it easier to hide unwanted conversations on WhatsApp, as before the chat returned to the main page of the app with each new message.

Novelty available in latest version of WhatsApp play store, and can be turned off from the app settings to return to receive notifications of archived conversations.

How to archive conversations on WhatsApp while receiving messages? The simple feature hides unwanted chats — Photo: Rubens Achilles/Techtudo

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The new role received mixed reactions on social media. Some users in the habit of archiving conversations reported forgetting to reply to messages due to lack of information. But it’s worth remembering that new message alerts can be activated for archived conversations from the app’s settings, and go back to using the stored function as before.

Next, learn how to archive conversations on WhatsApp or disable new archive and go back to receiving message notifications in archive.

How to Hide WhatsApp Conversations from “New File”

To archive a chat permanently, start by choosing who you want to archive – Photo: Reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

Phase 2. The archive will display a warning about changing archived – you can hide the alert in the “X” in the upper right corner. Then press the three dots and select the “Collection Settings” option to adjust the permanent collection in WhatsApp;

After reading the message about the “new collection”, access the “collection settings” – Photo: reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

Step 3. Activate the switch next to “Keep archived conversations” option to stop receiving notifications of stored conversations in WhatsApp;

Activate the permanent archive of chats, the green icon confirms that the conversation will remain archived – Photo: reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

Step 4. Go back to the main chat list and see that the “Archived” section remains at the top. Now your archived conversations will be hidden and you will not be notified when you receive messages on WhatsApp.

See the new “Archived” section above the conversation list – Photo: reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

How to enable notifications for archived conversations on WhatsApp

To permanently disable the archiving of chats, go to “archive settings” – Photo: reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

Step 2. Note that the “Keep conversations archived” option is enabled. Press the green key to disable new archiving and receive notifications of archived conversations;

Disable the permanent archive of conversations, the gray icon confirms the cancellation of the resource – Photo: reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

Step 3. Go back to the main chat list. Notice that the “Archived” section has moved to the end of the list and now displays the amount of chats archived. Thus, when receiving messages from archived conversations, you will be notified and these will return to the main list.

Check out the older “Archived” section at the bottom of the conversation list – Photo: Reproduction/Gabriella Andrade

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