WhatsApp: How to know if you have already accepted the new terms of the app? Then you can validate it

WhatsApp: How to know if you have already accepted the new terms of the app?  Then you can validate it

DDue to the Kovid-19 epidemic, Instant messaging application WhatsApp Its popularity increased and it was one of the most used to resolve issues such as Online classes and so-called ‘home office’, Therefore it has been continuously updated.

at the beginning of the year, The application announced that it would implement the new security conditions, a situation that caused much controversy, But it became clear as the days passed, and they were accepted by the users.

What happens if you do not accept the new terms of the app?

These measures went into effect on 15 May, and the application indicated that, if this was not done, users would not be unsubscribed or terminated, although Some devices will stop working, such as the option to read or send messages.

How to know if you have already accepted the new WhatsApp terms?

To ensure your status as a WhatsApp user in terms of security terms, We recommend following the following points:

User (s) has not accepted the terms A wake-up call at the top of your chat window.

If the terms have not been accepted, WhatsApp status will be displayed showing information about new policies and conditions.

If the previous element does not appear, it will be necessary to open it Access the Settings menu and then the ‘Help-application information’ tab to see if to accept a noticeable call.

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