WhatsApp: It is possible to recover deleted messages on your cell phone; see how

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users of WhatsApp, often delete messages they shouldn’t. In these situations they may also think that they have lost the material forever, but are likely to recover. However, you must have a previous backup of Messenger stored on your mobile phone.

First, you need to enter WhatsApp And go to Device Settings / Settings. Once this is done, tap on the “Conversations” tab and then on “Backup Conversations”. The page will show the last time the phone saved your information.

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Once you are sure that the message you want to recover is in the last backup, uninstall and install WhatsApp again. When the steps for entering the phone number and authentication code are complete, select the option “Restore Backup”. With that, your conversations and files will be visible again.

In this sense, learn how to recover deleted messages WhatsApp,

How to Skip Automatic Backups

on android

  1. open WhatsApp and go to the three dots located in the upper right corner;
  2. Select “Settings” and look for the item “Conversations”;
  3. In this tab, tap on “Chat Backup”. Under “Backup to Google Drive”, you will be able to define whether you want to create a daily, weekly, monthly or backup when you tap on “Back up”. If you choose the latter, you’ll need to repeat the steps and access this menu each time you want to update the backup.

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on iOS

  1. In Messenger, go to the “Settings” option;
  2. See the option “Conversations”;
  3. Then open the item “Chat Backup”
  4. The “Backup Now” and “Auto Backup” options will appear.

Within “Auto Backup” you can choose whether your content will be backed up every day, once a week, once a month or none of these methods (ie without auto backup).

new whatsapp feature

Meta, the company responsible WhatsAppRecently released functionality to the general public that allows you to react to messages with emoji.

The novelty is being released gradually, so it may take a few days for all users to access it. In short, for the launch of this new function, a period of testing in beta versions of Android and iOS was required over a period of 7 months.

As seen, the tool works very simply, as is typical of Instagram and Messenger. Hold down the message you want to respond to for a few seconds and choose one of the available emoji.

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