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Exclusive website WABetaInfo has received a novelty that will be out soon WhatsApp to issue to its users. After releasing the new voicemail player in a beta update for the iOS web version, Messenger is enabling the same feature for beta testers on the Android system.

As a new tool, the user will be able to play an audio on a separate screen as well. In other words, to listen to voice messages, simply press the player button and go to other sessions of the application, including other conversation windows.

Until then, if the user leaves the chat with the audio playing, the message will automatically stop. The process serves to exercise greater control over reproduction for the citizen.

How to confirm access to the new feature

To check if the news has reached you, simply open a voice message in your app’s chat and then leave the page. If a new player bar appears, it means that the feature is enabled.

It is worth mentioning that the functionality is not limited to voice notes, but can also be applied to input and output audio files, which have recently undergone some changes.

New function tested to combat fake news

hey WhatsApp trying to new feature with the aim of combating the spread of fake news And sharing mass messages like ‘good morning’.

Recently, the application began to automatically identify forwarded messages more than four times, even though it was unable to identify its contents due to end-to-end encryption.

new feature

The functionality is being tested in beta version WhatsApp, Its purpose is to combat misinformation, preventing the same message from being forwarded to multiple groups at once.

Currently a user can share the same message in up to five groups. However, the intention is to reduce this limit to one, so that the user has to manually copy the message for forwarding.

According to the information, the limit that the feature will impose will soon reach Messenger users. However, the application should display the following message: “Forwarded messages can only be sent in a group chat”.

In short, the fact that the individual has to manually repeat the entire process of messaging is expected to discourage the behavior of spreading fake news or inconvenient content.

According to Gizmodo’s Hemerson Brando: “There is still no information on when the new rule will go into effect, but it is likely that it will be available before October, when Brazil holds the presidential election.”

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