WhatsApp: See the changes in the app in 2022

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recently, WhatsApp Launched many functions in my application. However, some users say that more features should be released, such as some that make up the rival app’s feature board, the Wire, other selfish and searched by WABetaInfo portal. Here are 6 actions that can be implemented in the messaging platform this year.

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  1. Hide “Last Seen”

There is a possibility to hide “Last seen” for specific contacts in the most requested devices by users. The feature is already in the testing phase in Messenger and can be accessed in Settings in the app on the “My Contacts except…” tab. It should be released for stable platform soon WhatsApp,

  1. Admins delete messages in groups

Another function that should be made available in 2022 is one that gives group administrators the right to delete any message in a conversation, whether theirs or other members. The option will act to control the flow of the group, thus avoiding many things. When deleting a message, a “Message has been deleted by administrator” notification will appear instead of the deleted content.

It is worth mentioning that the functionality is still in the development stage, not yet being released for test messenger.

  1. audio transcription

This audio transcription feature is already in the testing phase in the beta version of Messenger for iPhone (iOS). This is part of the tool’s inclusion and accessibility initiative WhatsApp, It transcribes speech according to a timeline, allowing the user to check what was said every second of the voice clip.

  1. response to messages

As with Instagram and Messenger, the intention WhatsApp is to allow its users to react to specific messages. For this, emoji will be given to the text balloon. This feature was discovered by WABetaInfo in the beta version of the app for Android and iPhone (iOS), but it should be released officially soon.

  1. Print notice of conversation and photographs

It is one of the most requested features by the users of WhatsApp, This will prevent contacts from taking screenshots of messages in conversations or photos sent with a single view. Also, if the person tried to capture the screen, the sender would be notified immediately. While this is very interesting, WhatsApp is not interested in releasing this functionality as it may include the privacy requirements of Messenger. However, there may be a change that causes the company to change its mind.

  1. Edit already sent messages

It is worth mentioning that this functionality can already be found in the rival application of WhatsApp, Wire. With it, it is possible to edit already sent messages, that way, instead of sending another message, it is possible to correct it yourself, it is possible to pick and edit it. When selecting the “Edit” option, it is possible for the user to retype the text sent. There is still no information about the implementation of the feature on the platform.

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