WhatsApp should soon be allowed to send a photo that disappears after viewing – 03/03/2021

WhatsApp should soon be allowed to send a photo that disappears after viewing - 03/03/2021

After the launch of Temporary messaging facility Last year, WhatsApp Now you should extend the function to send images, which should disappear for both sender and receiver after a predefined period of time.

According to the website WaBetaInfo, which usually anticipates news about the application, the functionality will be available in future updates for iOS and Android. The change was already put to the test last September. But now new details have been revealed.

How can this work?

Apparently, it would be possible to activate the “self-destruct photo” function via a small button on the left side of the bar where the caption for the photo is typed. Upon touching the button, the user gets the message that the media will disappear – even to the recipient – as soon as he or she leaves the chat.

You can also configure shared media to disappear when the application is minimized or conversations stop. The recipient of the message will also be notified as soon as he or she receives the image and opens the image.

Messages cannot be exported from WhatsApp, according to WaBetaInfo. There is still no official date for the appeal to come.

Since WhatsApp has not yet implemented screen capture detection for self-destructive photos – which would end up appealing the function – there is a possibility that, since the application is still working on the project, there is something new on the topic Can.

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One of the main competitors of WhatsApp, Wire From 2017 onwards, a choice of self-destructive photos and videos for a specified time, which can range from 1 to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, or a week. The messaging platform also provides a screen capture detection feature that will notify the user on the other side if the person tries to take a screen capture.

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