Whatsapp; The function promises to send media with the option to change recipients

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WhatsApp is studying to introduce a new facility to beta version Messenger for Android and iOS. According to the WABetaInfo website, which specializes in forecasting messenger news, it will soon be possible to change media before it is sent to the recipient.

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The new feature is not yet directly accessible as it is only found among development code in beta Although this function is simple, it will be very important for everyday use.

In short, if you take a picture with your camera WhatsApp And need to send to a group, for example, it would be possible to link it among other recipients and still forward the status directly to the capture.

The function hasn’t been released to testers yet. Other features have been added to it, such as the possibility of the application’s native camera being more functional or giving more power to group administrators, who will be able to delete messages from other members.

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WhatsApp releases 4 ways to read messages without anyone knowing

If you are an active user of WhatsAppOf course, it is already troubling to reach out to the platform and learn that the online status is visible to all. If you don’t want some contacts to know, these tips are for you.

Although the features are not official WhatsApp, you can read and reply to chats without anyone knowing. See how to follow:

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WhatsApp Usually notify the user that a message has been received through the notification bar of the phone. Through this, it is possible to read the content and even respond to it (if in a few words) without entering the platform, which does not activate the online status.

With Airplane Mode on, you can easily read and reply to conversations. That’s because this action also interrupts the internet connection, leaving no one to know you’re in the app. To send a message, simply turn off your phone’s airplane mode.

Notifications in Android devices are a function similar to widgets. With it, incoming messages appear in a pop-up window, allowing messages to be replied to without opening them. WhatsApp,

First of all, it is worth noting that this feature does not prevent your online status from being visible when you are on the platform. However, it does not let your contact know whether you have read the message or not. To do this, simply access the “Account” tab in Settings and click “Privacy” to disable read confirmation.

It’s “pushing” the Internet:

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