WhatsApp Titans Security: Messenger launches biometric authentication

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WhatsApp Messenger has implemented biometric authentication to connect mobile applications more securely with browser versions or desktop applications.

as reported Techcrunch, In the event that the phone uses fingerprints or facial recognition to unlock, the application will ask for identifiers when trying to enter Messenger on other platforms.

The company notes that the new feature is designed to ensure that if the phone falls into the wrong hands, the other person will not be able to connect your account to their browser. Otherwise, it will give him access to your contacts and correspondence.

The system will be enabled by default on any iPhone with iOS 14 and Touch ID or Face ID as well as any Android device that has biometric authentication enabled.

According to the publication, the new function will be available in the coming weeks.

It was previously reported that the messenger WhatsApp has updated the user agreement, according to which it will now air personal data Facebook users

From January 8, as a reminder, WhatsApp users, one of the world’s most popular mobile messenger, are bound Share notifications Along with the social network Facebook, which holds a controlling stake in the operator of Messenger.

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