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WhatsApp |  Trick to consume less battery on your iPhone.  apple |  iOS |  iPhone |  technology |  Applications |  NDA |  nanny |  Play play

Do you know about this trick? This will surprise you. Is an application that is used daily in the social, family and even work areas, it means you are pending on the platform 24 hours a day. In this opportunity, we will teach you a very simple trick to reduce battery consumption using the above green app when your account is connected to web or desktop version.

If you thought that by linking your account Web or desktop you were going to consume less battery than usual, because you are wrong, because these versions they just repeat the information you receive or send through this instant messaging application, that means by the way Also it is as if you were using your smartphone to chat.

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Luckily, WhatsApp Will launch multi-device mode, what is it? There is a tool that is currently under development, which will allow you to link your account on up to four different devices (except other cell phones) without needing to be connected to the Internet from the main smartphone. One does not require that the device be close to a computer, laptop, tablet or iPad in order to chat.

Don’t let it flow by itself. If you are a user who has problems with mobile battery, we recommend using the beta WhatsApp So that you can access the multi-device mode and avoid the huge consumption generated by Facebook related apps. So you can talk without using the phone and don’t worry, everything you speak will be restored automatically when you activate data or Wi-Fi.

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How to Save Battery on Your iPhone

  • log in WhatsApp from your iPhone mobile.
  • Now, click on ‘Settings’ (it is located at the bottom), then click on ‘Linked devices’.
  • Here touch on the option ‘Beta versions for different devices’.
  • A message will appear and you will have to select ‘OK’.
  • The next step is to click on the ‘Join Beta Version’ section.
  • Finally, enter WhatsApp Web or Desktop by scanning the QR code.

ready, as you can see in the upper left of WhatsApp web or desktop the word ‘beta’ will appear, it means you are already in multi-device mode, this is to turn off mobile data only Lives, WiFi or if you want the cell phone to chat without relying on it and thus save a lot of battery.

If the word beta appears, you are already using multi-device mode (Photo: Mag)

Do you have any problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, you can write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected] You can make the same request from your iPhone through a service exclusive to iOS.

Now, if you have any FAQ, you can fill the form using this link. There all you have to do is enter your phone number in addition to your area code, and then enter your message followed by your identification.

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