WhatsApp will force the user to share data with Facebook. Tecnologia – Latest Technology News

WhatsApp will force the user to share data with Facebook.  Tecnologia - Latest Technology News

Notifications sent to WhatsApp users inform us about changes to the terms and privacy policies. (Photo: playback / whatsapp)

From 8 February, Or whatsapp Users will need to grant permission Share data with Facebook To continue access to the application. There is an information alert that information such as phone numbers, IP addresses and interactions with people and companies should be shared. New terms come into effect From 8 February.

Changes to the service and privacy policy began to communicate to users on Wednesday, 6, according to the blog Tecmundo. According to the company, the goal is to promote greater integration of WhatsApp, which is headed by other services related to the company. Mark zuckerberg, Such as Facebook and Instagram.

For example, information can be used to display individual advertisements. Possibilities include personalization of resources, suggestions of friends, group connections and content, improvements in user experience. There is also a promise of facilitating payment for purchases through WhatsApp with Facebook Pay.

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Change conflicting starting position

The new terms of use for the messaging app deny that Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, when it was initially revealed. At the time, the social network ensured total data privacy, confirming the option of not sharing it with other services.

A message on the messenger’s official blog published soon after the talks stated: “Respect for your privacy is encoded in our DNA and we have created WhatsApp for the goal of knowing as little as possible about you”.

However, in 2016, data began to be shared between the two platforms by default. Unlike the next update, users had Possibility to choose not to send account information on social networks, Requesting in the application settings.

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