WhatsApp’s new policies are only affected when you chat with a company

WhatsApp's new policies are only affected when you chat with a company

WhatsApp Has been embroiled in a global controversy in recent times When updating user privacy policies. The social network has been filled with memes and comments discussing the subject, although in reality these terms and conditions already exist since 2016, except for a change that has to do with it Whatsapp business, Business app launched in 2018.

According to an official WhatsApp statement, “the update does not change data exchange practices WhatsApp Does not affect the way people communicate privately with Facebook and with friends or family anywhere in the world. WhatsApp is fully committed to protecting the privacy of the people ”.

A recent update of the privacy policies focuses on the business segment, only on commercial messaging, meaning it only affects you if you chat with any company that uses it. WhatsApp Business, which allows businesses to connect with their customers through direct messages, Which has more than 50 million users in the world.

This update, which comes into effect on 8 February, goes in the direction of consumers’ relationships with companies using WhatsApp Business. In Mexico, large retailers such as Supermaya, Elektra and more recently Liverpool use this channel to provide better customer service Through the chat in which they can place an order, follow up on them, or express any questions about the products they offer.

Why is this privacy update happening?

Soon Facebook will offer data storage service of big companies using WhatsApp business, As do other business service providers (BSPs). While this means that you will have access to the personal information of people who chat with companies or the content of the conversation, as this information is encrypted, he explained MILLENNIUM Close spokesperson for social networks and directly involved in the operation of these policies.

“To further increase transparency, we update privacy policies to state that, in the future, companies may choose to receive secure storage services from our parent company, Facebook, to manage communications with their customers on WhatsApp To be.” , Explains the company in its official statement.

WhatsApp can share data if you chat with a company through an app. And telephone numbers, only for the purpose of giving personalized advertisements based on the companies you contacted.

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In addition, one of the great projects of WhatsApp for this 2021 will be the possibility of making person-to-person payments through the app, later passing that function to the WhatsApp business where Products and services can be purchased from companies that use them.

“As we announced in October, WhatsApp wants to make it easier for people to shop and get help from businesses directly on WhatsApp. While most users use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family, more and more people are also contacting companies. “

In the past year, some elements have been added to the WhatsApp business application such as a cart so that it can take the user directly to the company’s catalog from where it can be purchased after authorizing them to pay with this app.


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