When does Dune air on HBO Max?

When does Dune air on HBO Max?

After much waiting and some delay, danube Finally arrives in theaters this Thursday (21). The film marks the beginning of a series of features that Warner Bros. plans to bring to the future, adapting one of science fiction’s greatest classics. But not everyone is ready to return to theaters and hence the question arises: When danube Will it release on HBO Max?

The doubt is mainly due to the difference between Brazil and the United States. Outside, the film will be available on streaming this Friday (22). Warner promised that all of its premieres would be available simultaneously in theaters and on stage — which angered director Denis Villeneuve, who wants people to see the feature on the biggest screens.

Fans will have to hold back their worries for a while before Dune aboards HBO Max (Image: PRESS RELEASE/Warner Bros.)

In Brazil, the launch of danube It will take a little longer on HBO Max. Around here, Warner has promised a 35-day window between its debut in theaters and coming to streaming, which means the feature will Available from 25 November on the platform.

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However, it is worth mentioning that this is not the exact date of the film’s digital release. According to HBO Max, there is still no set date for the film’s release in the catalog, but estimates are that it will actually be in the second half of November, maintaining a 35-day window. That means it could come next week or even a few days later.

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the same thing happened recently evil one. James Wan’s new horror film opened in theaters on September 9th and was released to digital platform subscribers on October 17th – the weekend after the deadline.

That means we should see something like danube in the next month. Considering that 35 days ends on November 25, it is very likely that it will be available next weekend or, at the latest, early December. That may sound like a lot, but for those who waited years for an adaptation of Denis Villeneuve’s classic, the delay is even less.

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