When is Black Friday 2021?

When is Black Friday 2021?

This has been talked about in recent days: Black Friday. Advertisements for all kinds of products and services have started appearing on TV, the Internet, social networks, shopping sites, and even in physical stores.

Learn about the trade date and how to prepare if you plan to make a purchase.

who is it?

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated dates of the year by retailers and consumers alike, as it is when commerce in general offers products at great discounts. Many consumers also take the opportunity to anticipate Christmas purchases.

The day dedicated to evangelism was created in the United States and is always celebrated on the Friday of the fourth week of November, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday.

When is Black Friday 2021?

The event has been played in Brazil since 2010. This year Black Friday is falling on 26th November.

But websites and physical stores of large companies in addition to small entrepreneurs have already started campaigns to “warm up” programming, pre-release some discounts and trigger alerts to generate expectations in the public. .

There are offers in stores in all areas of products and services such as clothing, footwear, appliances, cell phones, computers and electronics in general, travel packages, courses, etc.

Looking forward to retail date

“Black Friday”, the term translated into English, in this term, is one of the great bets to take advantage of the sales of many regions annually. Last year, e-commerce was the biggest gainer from sales in this period. The change in consumer behaviour, who preferred to shop online, was partly due to the pandemic.

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With the progress of vaccination against COVID-19, the easing of isolation and the release of activities in most Brazilian cities, sales are expected to be high.

Tips for a good shopping

Whether shopping online or in physical stores, consumers should be careful not to be swayed by enthusiasm and fall into the trap, be it getting a bad deal or putting their personal data at risk.

Some approaches can help ensure a safe and profitable purchase:

  • Give preference to known or recommended sites that have already purchased them.
  • Before buying, research sites in the same segment to see if the discount is worth it. This is true for physical stores as well.
  • Beware of very low prices and many benefits on sites you’ve never bought.
  • Please note whether the platform has security seals for online operations. They are usually at the bottom of the website’s homepage.
  • Check the reputation of the online store with consumer protection agencies such as ProCon or on specialized sites such as complain here. In them you can see the comments of other users and customers of the store.
  • Do not click on links of unknown offers sent by email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Always shop in a secure environment, avoiding public internet cafe networks that do not provide adequate security.
  • Be wary of purchases through social networks, when sellers ask for payment only by bank transfer or bank payment slip.

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