When will Arsenal learn ?! The Derby disaster offers little hope that the Gunners’ season can be saved

When will Arsenal learn ?!  The Derby disaster offers little hope that the Gunners' season can be saved

Mikel Arteta’s side fell to Tottenham, while the Emirates Stadium team lost in the sixth league in nine overs.

What now for Michael Arteta?

The Arsenal manager spent the day in the north London derby on Sunday, reminding everyone how long it would take for the Gunners to compete again.

But after this latest Premier League defeat, the sixth in nine games, he is going to find the calls that are falling on deaf ears and moving in the direction of his team with a lot of growing thinkers. Is worried.

The optimism gained by winning the FA Cup abruptly last season has been around for a long time.

Although behind-the-scenes at the Emirates Stadium who still believe in the Arteta project too much, some fans are questioning what he is trying to do in north London.

Despite losing 2-0 to Spurs, his side was not bad. He captured almost 70 percent of his opponents, scored more than 300 passes, gave more shots, corners and crosses. In fact, they dominated almost every statistic except the most important.

But the truth was, they still never seemed to win the game.

Jose Mourinho sent Tottenham out with a game plan and it worked perfectly. They sit back, give the visitors the ball and then counter-attack them, as they have done with teams all season.

Arsenal should have known what was coming, yet they played into the hands of their neighbors.

He was caught twice with the men in the first half and the Spurs unloaded them both mercilessly.

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Son Heng-Min opened the scoring in the 13th minute with a brilliant goal. He got the ball from Harry Kane to drive towards the box and from 25 yards into the top corner to make a great effort.

It was a great performance from the son, but just as Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin allowed him to reach the goal to overcome his efforts, so did the position of Bernd Leno.

And then, when Arsenal were back at the top and pushing for an equalizer, he was hit again by a sucking punch as the Spurs doubled their lead just before the break.

This time Son became the provider for Kane, putting him in the box at the end of another quick reaction, the England captain stopped Leno.

Arsenal lost to Thomas Party in scoring, probably with the same thigh injury he had just recovered from.

Throwing Ghana International back into the starting line-up directly after a month-long break was obviously considered a gamble, but that’s something that’s gone now.

A scan in the coming days indicates how long the party will be out now, but its availability during the busy festive season should be at serious risk.

Arsenal will play five league matches in 20 leagues on the 15th day of the Premier League, and are now 11 points behind the top-scoring Spurs after 11 games.

Bukayo Saka Arsenal 2020-21

Arteta is right on time, as this is what he is doing at Arsenal right now.

However, after almost a year in the job, there is a lack of clarity and concern about what he is trying to achieve.

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His side have scored just 10 goals in 11 league games this season; Only Burnley, West Brom and Fulham – who all sit in the bottom three – scored less.

The beloved American Obama has netted only twice, his goal at Fulham on the opening Saturday of the season was just coming from an open game.

This is an example of the major failure of Arteta’s side, which has created only 65 chances in its 11 games in the league, less than any other side in the top flight.

After the last defeat against the Wolves, the Spain coach pointed to the amount of crosses his side had given as an indication that fortunes would soon begin to change.

“I think this is the first time in the Premier League that we have made 33 crosses.” I’m telling you, if we do this more consistently, we’re going to score more goals. “

“If we put corpses in a box in a few moments, it’s math, it’s pure math and it will happen.”

Well, his team played 44 cross innings against Tottenham, the most by any team in the league this season, yet he failed to find a way.

Mikel Arteta Arsenal 2020-21

Aubameyang did not collect a shot at the target all night. He failed to create a single opportunity for his teammates or to complete it easily.

Of all the players who started the game, he made the fewest touches (21) on the pitch. The Arsenal man has been confident since his arrival from Borussia Dortmund in 2018 and has completely boiled over since signing his new contract and showing little sign of finding his form again.

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It’s a problem Arteta has talked about time and time again in recent weeks, yet he doesn’t seem close to being able to find a solution.

If he doesn’t find one soon enough, it will soon be impossible to ignore the dissenting voices that have been rising through the week.

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