Where is “The Elder Scrolls 6”? Director Bethesda Reveals That His Son Also Asked About Sequels

▲11月11日推出的《上古卷軸 5:無界天際》十周年紀念版
Where is “The Elder Scrolls 6”? Director Bethesda reveals that his son also asked about a sequel to Life | nownews today news

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“The Elder Scrolls 5: Unbounded Sky” 10th Anniversary Edition Launches November 11th

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2021-11-14 07:00: 00

The Elder Scrolls V: Unbounded Skyrim was released by Bethesda Game Studios on November 11, 2011, marking its 10th anniversary debut today. It is a widely acclaimed role-playing game but many players can’t wait to play its sequel but some players have lost patience. After all, it’s been 10 years since the game was released.

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reddit a few days ago player forum interactionIn 2012, Bethesda game director Todd Howard said he had received several questions about The Elder Scrolls 6. These questions come not only from journalists and sports fans, but also from his own son. He recalled that on Father’s Day this year, his son handed him a card that read, “You’re a wonderful father, but where is “The Elder Scrolls 6”?

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Todd Howard also stated on stage that the launch of “The Elder Scrolls 6” is a long process, and that he will be waiting with all players. In a recent IGN interview, the reporter hinted whether “The Elder Scrolls 6” wouldn’t be released around 2026. Todd Howard did not refute this conjecture, saying only that players could make scientific guesses based on their schedules.

Bethesda launched the 10th anniversary edition of “The Elder Scrolls V: Unbounded Skyrim” on November 11. It’s a cool way for players to revisit the classics, but obviously players are ready for new epics.

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