Where to dance in front of the 10th birthday cake (Year 3)

Where to dance in front of the 10th birthday cake (Year 3)

This is it Of Fornet The third birthday, and the game has changed a lot since its first birthday celebration. It’s a little wild to think that it’s been so long. And although it has lost its luster, it is still incredibly popular.

Unlike the previous two years, this year’s birthday was in September instead of July. This is because July is actually a birthday Fornet: Save the World, While the much more popular (and free-to-play) Battle Royale mode only launched in September 2017, almost as a thought provoking and certainly a clever reaction to its popularity. Pub At that time.

In any case, like the first two birthday celebrations, there is a set of challenges and rewards for Birthday # 3. These are mostly simple – play matches and opposites. The only interesting thing is dancing in front of a birthday cake, which is actually a tradition at the moment.

See all the challenges and rewards here.

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As in previous years, birthday cakes look huge and simple. But some of them are hidden inside walls or inside buildings. Look for the balloon you can see first.

There is a lot of cake for every famous place on the map (I believe) but I have included only 10 which you will need to complete this challenge. I’ll go ahead and monitor more and update this post as I find them, and you can always tell me if you haven’t seen this list. Just hit me Twitter Or Facebook (And follow if you want!)

Be sure to eat a piece of cake to get healthy or ield as this is one of the birthday bash challenges. Getting 50 of these will give you 80,000 XP – that’s a ton for a simple challenge.

In any case, here’s where to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes Of Fornet Celebrating the third birthday:

# 1 – Holly Hedges

There is also a GNOME Trap Here to arm for The secret challenge.

# 2 – Smooth forest

While you’re here, you can check out those mysterious claw marks for the Wolverine Challenge.

# 3 – Dirty Swamp

# 4 – Misty Meadows

# 5 – Lazy Lake

# 6 – Retail Queue

# 7 – Dirty boxes

There is also a GNOME Trap Here to arm for The secret challenge.

# 8 – Domain of Doomsday

# 9 – Sweaty sand

There is also a GNOME Trap Here to arm for The secret challenge.

# 10 – Salty Springs

As I said above, I will add places as I find them and feel free without any Twitter Or Facebook If you get something too.

When you complete this challenge you will be rewarded with a cake wrap:

Happy dancing, young Paddy! And happy birthday Fornite!

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